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READY TO REGISTER?  Registration opens October 2nd!


***Please Note: This is not an OJR school-sponsored activity***


~You may pay for your camp by check, with Venmo, or with PayPal:

          ~Checks should be made payable to Creswell Camps, and mailed to 916 Liberty Place, Birdsboro PA 19508

          ~Venmo payments should be sent to @creswellcamps; last four digits of the phone number are 4094

          ~PayPal payments should be sent to

~Deposits must be received within three weeks of registration in order to officially lock up a spot.

~Unfortunately, deposits are non-refundable (unless we have a waiting list and can replace your child on the roster).  We understand that unforeseen circumstances and scheduling conflicts arise from time to time that will affect your child's ability to come on a trip that s/he has already registered for.  With that in mind, the following refund policy will be observed:

  • if cancelling before March 1, 2024, full refund of any other payments made will be given.

  • if cancelling between March 1-April 15, two-thirds (2/3) refund will be given.

  • if cancelling between April 16-May 20, one-third (1/3) refund will be given.

  • if cancelling after May 20, 2024, no refund will be given.  Instead, 50% of your payments made will be credited toward next year's camps.

~To cover my bank fees, there will be a $20 charge for any checks returned for non-sufficient funds.


~As we get closer to the trip, students will be contacted and provided with the opportunity to choose fellow campers to share a hotel room or cabin with.

~Hotel rooms and cabins will be based on gender.

~Camp chaperones/counselors will have separate rooms/cabins from the campers.


~For the overnight camps, campers will be transported in comfortable state-of-the-art, air-conditioned coach buses.  Campers should keep their cell phones and meal money with them on the buses.  All other baggage will be packed and transported in the storage area below the buses.

~For the day camp, campers will be transported on air-conditioned school buses for trips 2-2.5 hours long.  For trips longer than 2.5 hours, we will take coach buses.  


~For the day camp, campers will need to pack their own lunch Monday-Wednesday.  Thursday, they may either pack a lunch, or buy lunch at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

~Overnight campers will be responsible for their breakfast each morning.  For the Harpers Ferry trip, there is a "Pancake Hut" where kids can get pancakes at no cost. 

~Overnight campers will be responsible for purchasing their lunches each day.

~Overnight campers will also be responsible for purchasing their dinners, except for Wednesday night of the Harpers Ferry trip when I will be providing pizza/drinks.  If your child has special gluten-free or pizza-free dietary requirements, please let me know so alternate arrangements can be made!

~In order to be safe, I would suggest sending $15-$20 per lunch, and $20-$25 per dinner.

~When not eating meals at a specific destination as mentioned in the itinerary, campers will be permitted to eat with other campers at whatever available restaurant they choose.  Lodging has been chosen, and stops will be made, with the goal of having a variety of restaurants available to the campers.    


~All chaperones on the trips are either teachers, registered nurses, or college-aged former Creswell Campers who have proven to be mature, responsible, and trustworthy.  For the day camps, a few spots every day will be offered to parents on a first come, first served basis.



~All trips are on a first come, first served basis.  Once the first bus is full, I will begin a waiting list until enough kids are registered to make a second bus feasible.  

~Online registration form must be completed in order to register your child for the trips. 

~Packing lists for each overnight camp will be provided in a separate email several weeks prior to those camps.  I will also conduct a google meet for each trip in the weeks prior to the camp in order to share information and answer any questions.

​​~I have three goals for your kids on each of the camps – that they learn something, that they enjoy the outdoors, and that they develop at least one new friendship during the week!

***Still don't see the answer you're looking for?  Please call, text, or email and I will be happy to answer your questions.***

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