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  •  I can't say it enough - the experience you give these kids is amazing - and I'm not just talking about the sites and educational aspect. Every one of your trips also gives the kids an opportunity to be away from their parents, handle situations on their own and grow in capability and maturity. She cannot wait for a return trip next year and she learned a few things about herself too. 

  • The trip was fantastic. It was my child's 1st time away without family or family friends. He had a great time and is looking forward to next year. The information was right on target.

  • Balance between history and fun was just right.

  • Just wanted to tell you what a great experience it was for ********** to go on these trips this summer.  I wish there was a teacher that would have stepped out to engage us on a social/gaining independence/educational level when we were his age.  Really really cool that you do this!

  • We have been so grateful for the experience for her. She's very much looking forward to the trip. I think everything you did from the payments, to emails, to communicating every step of the process leading up to the moment of departure was flawless. Thank you –

  • ********** had an amazing experience. I felt confident that he was going to be safe, thanks to all the prior emails listing the itineraries and updates.

  • She had a great time! It was a wonderful experience for her! Thank you for putting these trips together and for all the time and energy you put in.

  • ********** had the best time. He raved about the sights and how much fun all the kids had together. As a parent I especially liked that you were very adamant that no child was alone.


  • Great trip, educational and very fun. Gave the children independence to do things for themselves.

  • So thankful for these trips!!! ********** has a great time and we really appreciate you organizing these!

  • This trip was fantastic, ********** had nothing but positive things to say. The level of freedom and responsibility you gave the kids was wonderful and probably life-changing!

  • Great trip.…You took them to places that we as a family probably wouldn't think to go to on a vacation which is fantastic! The trips also got my son to budget $ and be responsible for his cabin area….He had a blast.

  • Overall, my child's experience was excellent.  He thoroughly enjoyed every stop along the way and enjoyed the campground time….Thank you so much for the great trip and all the organization that goes into it. We greatly appreciate it and looking forward to next year.

  • Thanks again!! ********** really had a blast on these trips!! My daughter (11) can't wait to be able to do them in a few years.

  • All in all this sounded like a great trip. Learning about history and having an all-out great time with their peers.

***Please Note: This is not an OJR school-sponsored activity***

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